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Cuirass Steel Doors – Features & Benefits

Add a new life to your entranceway with combined elegance, style, and durability from Cuirass Doors. We provide standard steel doors that are not one just a solid piece of a steel slab. Instead, they are typically cutouts design that matches your plans. Cuirass doors come with high quality featured products with excellent services.

  • Made with Galvanized Steel

    Cuirass steel doors are made up of Galvanized Steel (GI) international standard sheets with a thickness of 0.8 to 2mm that holds long life span. These steel doors look exactly same as a wooden door with the exact sound effect while opening and closing the doors. These doors gives you a great feel of standard quality. 

  • Feel of Natural Wood

    With our vast industrial experience, our skilled expertise brings out the best doors that look and feels like wooden doors. Cuirass Doors are available in purely traditional wood colours and have the rich exotic look of foreign doors. The authentic appearance of real wood will last long with its quality construction. With Cuirass, you can own natural looking wooden doors which are unique, strong, and beautiful.

  • Stronger & Safer Doors

    We provide a broad spectrum of doors that weighs between 40 kgs to 160 kgs with 5 years of warranty on the locking system and the hinges used. The weight range we offer is ideal for the steel doors with high breaking resistance. Compared to wooden doors, Cuirass steel doors are too strong.

    Along with the unique designs, the Cuirass doors are far safer than all kinds of wooden doors. Made of steel, it comes with natural strength and safety that are unaffected by termites, moisture and maintenance. Cuirass steel doors meet the highest standards of quality and safety.

  • Affordable & Cost Effective

    Cuirass steel doors are highly affordable with all the features that come with it. When compared to wooden doors, Cuirass steel doors are 30% to 60% economical. With an affordable rate, you can own elegant steel doors with all its advantages that looks more than wooden doors. Since the Cuirass doors are maintenance free, you also save a lot on maintenance while compared to wooden doors.

  • Anti-theft Multi Layer Locking System

    Antitheft locking system, the reinforced door hinges and the door viewer that gives a clear and vast view of the surroundings, ensure maximum security. The multi layered strengthened plate of lock set is characterized by impact resistance and breaking resistance. When the door is locked at one place, due to the highly advanced technology, it will be double locked at 11 other places of the same door. For bed room, office & other purpose, doors are available with normal locking system.

  • Brass made Key & Cylinder

    Cuirass steel doors always focus on to deliver the key and cylinder which is made of brass. A brass made key and cylinder are corrosion resistant, hard & strong with long life span. With our super cool designs, we always stand first to choose from. Each door comes with 5 set of keys. 

  • Heavy duty hinges

    Cuirass steel doors are even concerned about the Hinges that we use in doors. The heavy duty Hinges that we use for the steel doors are the toughest Hinges with high durability. Cuirass steel doors offers a wide range of heavy duty Hinges that fits well in heavy duty modern architecture. With Cuirass, you can own strong doors that reflects your standard of living.

  • UV protected & No seasonal Disorders

    We provide highly durable UV protected steel doors which is a better option as these doors are made by looking forward to the future. Unlike Wooden Doors, Cuirass Steel doors do not react to any of the seasonal changes and there are no seasonal affective disorders like contracting or expanding. Wooden doors always face these kinds of issues. With Cuirass, these kinds of disorders won’t act upon the door as they are strong and well protected.

  • Fire Protected Doors

    Cuirass comes with a wide range of fire-rated doors that are customized upon customer needs and specifications. Our fire rated doors are made up with the most modern techniques, cutting equipment, and necessary hardwares. Superior quality doors with unique stability combinations provide you a higher level of safety. To ensure complete safety, Cuirass fire rated doors can withstand even in extreme conditions from 1.5 hours to 2 hours.

  • Warranty

    We are very much concerned about our customers and the products as we provide a warranty of 5 years on all of the locking systems and hinges used. We assure that our products and services will bring out 100 percent customer satisfaction. Other parts of the door such as door handles, beedings etc also come with 1 year warranty.

  • Door Structure

    Honeycomb or Rockwool is filled in between the 0.8 mm to 1 mm thick steel sheet. This double layered Seated strip enables to give the same sound effect of the opening and shutting of the wooden doors. This does not make any creaking sound of the Steel cupboard which is really irritating. The sandwiched door panel the exact look and feel of wooden doors. The overall thickness of Cuirass steel door panel is 50mm-90mm while normal wooden doors come up with a thickness of 30-35mm only. Cuirass Door frames are made up of 1.2-2mm sheets. Cuirass doors come up with frames with a thickness ranging from  90mmx100mm to 120mmx240mm.

  • Stainless Steel Doorsill

    Cuirass has opted stainless steel for doorsills and other hardware as the stainless steel has corrosion resistance and temperature resistance, that lasts longer regardless of the climatic changes. With its aesthetic appeal, this adds a fine finish to the doors. The doorsills are especially useful for airconditioned rooms or to avail soundproof. Doors without doorsills are also available.

  • Expanding Bolts

    Cuirass steel doors are even concerned about the screw that plays an essential part in door fittings. For Cuirass doors, we use expanding bolts with size of 9mm – 10mm that fits really well and lasts long. Expanding bolts make the installation so easy and doors much stronger. For the complete support to the doors, 5 inch sized expansion bolt is used on both of the sides at 6 points. Extra support can be achieved through this bolt fixing.

  • Eye viewers

    All the outdoor views can be clearly seen with the eye viewers that come with Cuirass steel doors. Some of the doors have eye viewers with super wide angles that will never make you miss an outdoor scene. With high definition peephole and extraordinary design, Cuirass holds better eye viewers.

  • Wide choice of designs

    Cuirass steel doors offer highly durable anti-corrosion steel doors that hold the appearance of wood. These doors look as perfect as wooden doors with traditional wooden colors crafted with wooden design lamination. With Cuirass, you can choose from a wide variety of designs that exactly meets your dreamed one.

  • Eco-friendly Doors

    Cuirass offers environment-friendly steel doors made from durable materials through sustainable manufacturing practices. Stronger than wood, the steel doors that we provide ensures longevity, durability and strength that is unmatched by alternatives. With Cuirass you can take one step forward against deforestation and make your home nature-friendly.